What Happens When You Trust?

For many of us, trust is a really big deal.  We’ve had relationships and life experiences that have hurt us and we begin to create walls to keep things and people at a distance.

But the challenge with that is while we’re protecting ourselves from the negative experiences we also prevent the positive ones.  Universe is all about positive experiences bringing us closer to our life purpose.  So how do we trust again and what happens when you do?

There’s a very basic understand that should help: where you vibrate is what you attract.  So if you look at the type of people who are in your social circle, they are a reflection of what you are and where you vibrate.  So if you are dissatisfied with your life, start moving towards the kind of life and person you want to be.  Fake it until you make it!! Seriously, start behaving like you’re already living the life of your dreams and your life – and circle of friends – will change also.  The other question you should ask yourself is: Am I trustworthy?  Ask without judgement but with awareness.  Then do something about it if you don’t like your answer.

Once you start creating the life of your dreams, you have to trust that Universe is conspiring with you and for you.  It’s there to bring you to your highest, purest purpose.  When you start believing that and seeing the small things that instill trust, you will start to build upon the trust and learn to listen to the little voice and watch for signs that you’re on the right path.  This is a partnership!  When you step into knowing that everything is sent to you is for a purpose in order to achieve your life purpose, the world is your oyster!!

If you would like to know more or need some guidance as to how to step into trust, email or call me!!

About Angela Olah

I provide in-sight and guidance to coach-able women who realize that, somehow, they’ve gotten off track and their life hasn’t quite turned out the way they dreamed. I am passionate about supporting & empowering women to heal their souls, connect to their Higher Self & Spirit, and become inspired to reach their greatest potential. I envision all women leaving a legacy of life lived – oversized and audacious. Touching lives and creating space for women to build audacious lives.