It’s Not That Bad

Messages from Universe or Spirit always blow me away … and I’m always grateful!

Yesterday, I’m driving to the studio to lead a class and I’m having a little pity party in the car.  I had a huge a-ha moment earlier in the day that made me feel a little sorry for myself.  We all have those days and I’m no exception!!

As I’m sitting at a red light, I notice two people in wheelchairs using the crosswalk across from me.  They had to work really hard because they were rolling uphill.  The first person seemed to make it across without too much effort – they had nice big wheels on their chair.  However, I started to worry because the second chair seemed to have been lost as I couldn’t see them arrive at the other side.  I feel bad and really wished I was also crossing so that I could push them safely across.  But eventually, I saw them around the cars in front of me and sure enough they made it safely across the street.  Not without some serious arm pumps to get up onto the sidewalk.

Two things happened in my brain at this point: the very first thought was I really have nothing to be sad about and secondly, I noticed that for all the hard work they put into getting across the street they were rewarded with a downhill coast.  When we work hard and struggle, we always have a downhill coast to catch our breathe!

My affirmation: My life is easy and I am always rewarded!

About Angela Olah

I provide in-sight and guidance to coach-able women who realize that, somehow, they’ve gotten off track and their life hasn’t quite turned out the way they dreamed. I am passionate about supporting & empowering women to heal their souls, connect to their Higher Self & Spirit, and become inspired to reach their greatest potential. I envision all women leaving a legacy of life lived – oversized and audacious. Touching lives and creating space for women to build audacious lives.