Daily Inspiration – June 21, 2017

When we remove criticism, fear, guilt, resentment, shame, we can be free.  All of those things require forgiveness in order to be free from pain.  You have to choose it though!!

Choose to live in the present; choose forgiveness for living in the past.

Choose to love yourself; choose forgiveness for not.

Choose to love others; choose forgiveness when you didn’t.

Carry forgiveness with you everywhere and give it away freely!

About Angela Olah

I provide in-sight and guidance to coach-able women who realize that, somehow, they’ve gotten off track and their life hasn’t quite turned out the way they dreamed. I am passionate about supporting & empowering women to heal their souls, connect to their Higher Self & Spirit, and become inspired to reach their greatest potential. I envision all women leaving a legacy of life lived – oversized and audacious. Touching lives and creating space for women to build audacious lives.