Creating Your Reality

One of the things that is just so important to remember is that we, as humans, have free will and choice in everything we do, say, experience! What do you allow to control your thoughts? Mike Dooley says “Thoughts become things” and it’s soooooo true!!!

Starting today be selfish with what you choose to allow into your mind. Ask yourself when you’re watching TV, reading books, talking to friends/family: Does this serve my positivity? Does this bring me joy or bring me negativity?

Say “OUT” to every negative thought! Say “OUT” to every person, place or thing that creates negativity.

Choose to create your own reality and everyone in it!!!

About Angela Olah

I provide in-sight and guidance to coach-able women who realize that, somehow, they’ve gotten off track and their life hasn’t quite turned out the way they dreamed. I am passionate about supporting & empowering women to heal their souls, connect to their Higher Self & Spirit, and become inspired to reach their greatest potential. I envision all women leaving a legacy of life lived – oversized and audacious. Touching lives and creating space for women to build audacious lives.