Alternative Treatments for our Animals

I’m a huge fan of aromatherapy and an even bigger fan of my boxer, Ivy.  If you follow me on social media (you’re not??? y u no follow?) you’ll see endless pics of her – typically in some form of sleeping!

I’ve used essential oils hardcore for several years to address my own health issues – mostly to ease anxiety and depression.  I’ve discovered that Ivy loves them too and that some of them, like citronella and lemon for example, will fend off bug bites.  Please note: do not use oils on pets where they can lick them … while oils are safe for humans, some oils could cause issues with your pets as they’re more sensitive – a dogs nose, for example, will be overwhelmed with an oil like peppermint and could make them very, very uncomfortable.  Consult with a reputable aromatherapist before using oils on your pets.

I was contacted recently by an online pet health care site that wanted to share, not just the benefits of aromatherapy, but some other holistic options for pet owners.  Why not jump over and give it a read?  I found it very complete and offered some amazing options.

7 Effective Alternative Treatment for Animals

There is so much to gain from treating our pet(s) with alternative medicine. They have interviewed several veterinarians – among them a naturopath, acupuncturist, osteopath, homeopath – who are quoted in the article and who also want to get the message out there .

Go check it out, maybe there’s something that you might find helpful for yourself or someone you know.

Read: 7 Effective Alternative Treatment for Animals

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